Evan Killick

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and International Development

University of Sussex

My research interests focus on Amazonia, its peoples, cultures and past and future development.

My first research project focused on indigenous communities on the Ucayali River in Eastern Peru examining Asháninka people’s social relations including notions of kinship, friendship and community. This resulted in publications on ideas of hierarchy and leadership, local desires for formal education and the history and impact of official comunidad nativa formation.

My work also considered indigenous engagement with the timber industry, analysing how and why Asháninka individuals become involved and how they frame their relationships with mestizo timber men.

More recent research has focused on broader questions of environmental use and protection, comparing the Peruvian experience to other Amazonian contexts, including large-scale soybean agriculture in Brazil and conservation and climate mitigation strategies in Bolivia.

I am currently interested in environmental interventions such as REDD+ and REDD indigena and official Reserves and National Parks, including the El Sira Communal Reserve in Peru.

My general research interests also include inter-ethnic relations, identity and rights.

Contact Details

Email: e.killick@sussex.ac.uk

Sussex Webpage: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/248956

Address: Department of Anthropology, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton. BN1 9SJ. U.K.


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